Finding Peace

pawFred passed peacefully this afternoon. He was ready. I still wasn’t.

Dr.Jason from Lap of Love came to the house. He took his time explaining what would happen and patiently answering my questions. He provides a wonderful service with great caring and compassion.

As we were talking, Fred laid on his bed, looking up at me with his big brown eyes. He seemed to know – to be grateful – that we were going to ease his suffering. Dr.Jason gave him the sedative and Fred went right to sleep. He was so at peace, his legs twitching slightly. I sat with him stroking his head and neck, such soft fur, such warmth, a soft blanket covering his body embroidered with “Love and Dignity”. After a while, I nodded to Dr. Jason and he administered the medication.

Fred didn’t linger. After several short breaths, his heart slowed and he was gone. Now he is running free across the meadow by the rainbow bridge.

Ethel and I took a walk after they were gone. We saw the most beautiful sunset. How fitting an end for such an extraordinary friend.


5 thoughts on “Finding Peace”

  1. So sorry for your loss, Christine. I know how hard it is to let a beloved pet go. He will always have a place in your heart. Memories are the best healer.


  2. Condolences on losing Fred. You made his transition the best it could be. Hugs to you and peace to his memory. May he bring you smiles for years to come.


  3. My eyes fill with tears with you as I take in the tender moment you created for this transition. Your love and caring are extrordinary. I can only imagine how much more peaceful this was with the help of Lap of Love and Dr. Jason beside you for this journey. It is our faith that gives us comfort for a forever existence and I know it in my bones as truly as I exist. What will be years here will be days in heaven til your souls are together again. Huggs to you and Ethel at this time.


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